I have a php script that looks like this:

        passthru("sabcmd foo.xml foo.xsl");

It works fine.  But when I instead try:

        passthru("XalanTransform foo.xml foo.xsl");

I get no output (no errors either, just nothing---if I add some html code
around the php script then this html code comes out, but still nothing from
the passthru().)

Some relevant facts:

1.  When run from the command line, "sabcmd foo.xml foo.xsl" and
"XalanTransform foo.xml foo.xsl" return exactly the same thing to the

2.  sabcmd and XalanTransform are both C programs, and they both reside in

Any hints about what is going on here would be greatly appreciated!

P.S.  In case you're wondering, sabcmd and Xalantransform are XSLT engines.
They translate foo.xml according to the rules in foo.xsl and send the result
to the terminal.

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