Andi Gutmans wrote:
> At 02:45 PM 5/15/2001 -0600, Zak Greant wrote:
> >...uh... I just managed to build with Velocis support.  I did a full
> >reinstall of PHP and Velocis... sigh...
> >
> >Oh well, it is better to be wrong about a problem, than to have a
> >:)
> Yes it definitely is. So what do you think made the difference?

    I am not sure.  I had built 4.0.5, it worked. I installed Velocis,
    rebuilt PHP and got massive syntax errors while building in the
    Velocis support.  Nasty stuff that made it seem as if the code
    has not been tested.

    I grabbed the RC, tried to build it with Velocis support and
    got the same results.

    *After* I wrote the list, I had the brilliant thought that I
    should clear everything out and try again.

    So I reinstalled Velocis, rebuilt PHP and everything worked...

> Reinstalling velocis?
> Is this a free database?

    No. Velocis is a commercial database that has changed hands
    many many times (as recently as Feb. 22 to be exact).

    I am working on building it for a book project. Now after
    going to the work of getting the software, making spurious
    bug reports :), and finally getting it to build I don't
    think that I can call it outside of the UODBC functions...



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