> That is why I am asking.  Is there a core reason that the ereg functions
> have to be there?  I could extend this to other functions as well of course.
> But this set in particular I have wondered about.

1) There was no PCRE library when I first added regex support to PHP.
   Henry Spencer's regex library, although not my initial choice, was
   chosen because that is what came bundled with Apache.

2) The ereg_* functions implement the Posix 1003.2 extended regular
   expression standard.  The same regular expressions found in the
   Unix command line utils like grep, egrep and fgrep.  The preg_*
   functions support the perverted Perl-style regular expressions.

3) Removing the ereg_* functions would cause a backward compatibility
   nightmare.  Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of scripts out
   there would have to be converted.

4) If you are using Apache you already have the library linked in anyway.
   Removing PHP support wouldn't save you any "bloat".  Not that this
   "bloat" is at all significant on any modern OS with shared pages.


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