I was wondering if any of the developers out there might have a handle on

I've recently recompiled my apache 1.3.19 binary to include static php4.05
support (in addition to mod_perl 1.25) on my Solaris 2.7 server so that I
can run Squirrel Mail.  Unfortunately the system does not seem to be
registering the EGCPS as global variables, which Squirrel mail seems to
depend on.  I've checked and the variables DO exist in HTTP_*_VARS (ie:
HTTP_POST_VARS["login_username"] is populated properly but $login_username
is blank/null.)

I'm using the standard php.ini-dist file for my php.ini (which includes
register_globals as On by default).  I've tried switching it off, with no
effect, and including  the "php_flag register_globals on" directive in my
httpd.conf, also with no effect.

FYI, PHP was configured with the --with-gettext, --with-ldap,
and --with-apache directives.

I've search through the SquirrelMail and PHP archives and cannot find any
other mention of someone having this problem.  Given that I have zero
experience with both SquirrelMail and PHP, I can easily see how this could
be a bug located half-way between my keyboard and the back of my chair.
However I like to think I'm not a complete idiot and have followed the
simple install directions properly.  Would anyone care to prove me

  Shawn South

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