["Brian Moon" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>]
> No, sorry, I think you misunderstood my question.  I would just like to see
> a --disable-ereg option for configure.  I would never dream of removing ereg
> from PHP as a supported function set.  It would break Phorum and lots of
> stuff I have written.
> I understand your reaction now Rasmus.  Sorry for the confusion.

If you write a regular expression implementation in PHP that we can
use as a fall-back in PEAR code if both preg and ereg are disabled,
I'll think about it.  In general I'm against new options simply
because of the interop nightmare we've spun ourselves into. :-P

 - Stig

  Stig Sæther Bakken <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  Fast Search & Transfer ASA, Trondheim, Norway

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