Sablot has some poor error handling at the moment. All ambiguous errors
you can put down to Sablot. Try using the `sabcmd` from the command line
in order to get better information on where and how your transformations
are playing up.

Also, if you're unsure if it is a bug, best to mail the general php list
before this one.


On Wed, 16 May 2001, Alex Black wrote:

> hi all,
> I'm running sablot
> (--with-sablot=/usr/local/Sablot)
> and am getting very strange behavior surrounding xslt_process.
> sometimes, I get a processed page. then (with no change in any of the
> files), I'll get an error: "Fatal error: msgtype: error in..."
> I did a little looking, and all I could find was some pissed-off looking bug
> reports and a couple posts in various places.
> So question:
>     -is this a bug?
>         -if so, great, that's that, wonderful to have a fix, etc.
>         -if not, uh, what am I doing wrong such that I get random fatal
> errors form sablot?
> ----
> any info much appreciated.
> xslt freaking rocks...
> _alex

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