From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: Linux 2.2.14/Mandrake 7
PHP version:      4.0 Latest CVS (2001-05-16)
PHP Bug Type:     Compile Failure
Bug description:  --with-ccvs[=DIR] breaks configure if DIR not given (patch incl.)

The CCVS config.m4 doesn't search for the CCVS installation if DIR isn't given to 
--with-ccvs[=DIR], like
other options; since there is a default install dir for CCVS it seemed reasonable to 
hack it to do the search.
The symptom is that if =DIR isn't given then a spurious "-L" ends up on the command 
line and the next test down
the configure script fails with an apparently unrelated error message: in my case, the 
cURL tests told me to add
--with-openssl; I have a feeling this might also fix Bug #8045 (ccvs breaking mcrypt 

This patch is just more-or-less copied from some of the other config.m4s:

Index: config.m4
RCS file: /repository/php4/ext/ccvs/config.m4,v
retrieving revision 1.8
diff -u -r1.8 config.m4
--- config.m4   2001/05/12 11:08:47     1.8
+++ config.m4   2001/05/17 01:33:25
@@ -1,26 +1,29 @@
-dnl $Id: config.m4,v 1.8 2001/05/12 11:08:47 sas Exp $
+dnl $Id: config.m4,v 1.7 2001/03/27 20:34:22 sniper Exp $
 dnl config.m4 for PHP4 CCVS Extension
-[  --with-ccvs[=DIR]       Compile CCVS support into PHP4. Please specify your 
-                          CCVS base install directory as DIR.],
-  if test "$withval" != "no"; then
-     CCVS_DIR="$withval"
-       test -f $withval/include/cv_api.h && CCVS_INCLUDE_DIR=$withval/include
-    test -f $withval/lib/libccvs.a && CCVS_LIB_DIR=$withval/lib
+PHP_ARG_WITH(ccvs, for CCVS support,
+[  --with-ccvs[=DIR]       Include CCVS support])
-       if test -n "$CCVS_DIR"; then
-               AC_MSG_RESULT(yes)
-               PHP_EXTENSION(ccvs)
-               LIBS="$LIBS -L$CCVS_LIB_DIR"
-               PHP_ADD_LIBRARY_WITH_PATH(ccvs, $CCVS_LIB_DIR)
-         else
-           AC_MSG_RESULT(no)
-         fi
-       fi
+if test "$PHP_CCVS" != "no"; then
+  if test -r $PHP_CCVS/include/cv_api.h; then
+  else 
+    AC_MSG_CHECKING(for CCVS in default path)
+    for i in /usr/local/ccvs /usr; do
+      if test -r $i/include/cv_api.h; then
+        CCVS_DIR=$i
+        AC_MSG_RESULT(found in $i)
+      fi
+    done
+  fi
+  if test -z "$CCVS_DIR"; then
+    AC_MSG_RESULT(not found)
+    AC_MSG_ERROR(Please check your CCVS installation; cv_api.h should be in 
+  fi

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