Andi Gutmans wrote:
> >i'd like to rename php_unregister_info_logos() (in ./main/php_logos.h)
> >to php_unregister_info_logo() (singular) as it operates on *one*
> >logo image, not a group of those
> >
> >hope this won't brake to much code out there as it is not documented
> >yet, but as i'm going to do so soon i'd like to set this strait asap ...
> Is this function actually needed? It doesn't seem as if any code is using it.

it's not needed within php itself as the only standard extension that
registers info logos is ext/standard for the php and zend logos 
i haven't put any unregister calls into ext/standard MSHUTDOWN() as
it destroys the whole logo registration cash anyway

but the original idea behind making the phpinfo logo thing more 
gereral was to have an interface for third party extensions so that
theese can register their own info images (like vendor logos),
and theese should definetly use the unregister call in their
MSHUTDOWN() functions

not sure about anybody but Six using this in a serious extension though

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