ID: 7387
Updated by: jeroen
Status: Assigned
Bug Type: Documentation problem
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4 (any)
Assigned To: jeroen

I am currently writing the section 'why is $foo[bar] bad' in the arrays section. It 
will adress this problem, so that in the future you can say: RTFM

Previous Comments:

[2001-05-06 11:23:02] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Any progress on this?


[2000-12-09 12:22:43] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
  Since you have a better idea of exactly what it is you
want to document, I'm moving this to you. Close it whenever
you think it is sufficently documented.


[2000-11-17 11:17:15] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Maybe we should look at documenting how the engine corrects bad coding. We often get 
questions on #php about the engine correcting unquoted string constants and any other 
behaviour like this. I cant think of any others now but maybe a new chapter on 
debugging troublesome code or common errors etc is necessary in the manual. This might 
belong in the FAQ but I think a chapter in the docs wouldnt go amiss. Maybe another 
thing we should think about doing is including the FAQ in the manual as well as on itself.


[2000-10-24 04:44:00] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This is neither a bug in PHP, nor a doc bug...I will make
the incompat entry more explicit as soon as I can get to the
CVS, but you can see from the last comment what the problem
is: you are using a predefined constant as a key in an assoc.
array. This would be termed, at best, as "undefined".


[2000-10-22 19:45:09] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
It won't work properly with any reserved word, which brings me back to the point : you 
should always quote constant strings.  The only reason that it works at all is the 
parser is fixing your mistakes for you.  If you set your

  error_reporting = E_ALL

in your php.ini (and restart php), for the code

  $a[word] = "foo";

you'll see the warning

  Warning: Use of undefined constant word - assumed 'word' in /var/www/html/test2.php 
on line 3

I'll leave this issue open for someone from the documentation team to catch up with 


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