ID: 9688
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Old-Status: Feedback
Status: Open
Bug Type: IIS related
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0.4
Description: FTP_PUT / FOPEN

It might be for all I know , a permission problem which occure when

one are using maped network drives/virtual hosts under IIS. I can't say either

as I 
was using a remote host(or web hoster). 

If it's the case it shouldn't be fixed anyway??

I think it's a bit scame cause if your working on a huge project and

you can't upload file where the point of using it all??

Anyway people have been asking for work arounds, I can't say

I know of a work around which guarantees success , but I made

a script to test file-uploades with different approaches

(ftp_functions,  fopen("ftp://....";) , copy())  

Main purpose of this was cause I found myself in a postion

where I needed to change web-hoster because of this bug,

(fortunately I'm not paying for this service) and I wanted to know

if next web-hoster would have same problem.

The test script can be found at , hope it helps!

Meanwhile lets hope for a bug fix!!?


Best Regards,

Previous Comments:

[2001-05-18 04:30:55] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
The problem here seems that PHP cant access the drive or file. Have you checked 
permissions? Is G: a mapped network drive? Is the path correct?? Please check these, 
then try latest CVS (snapshots for win32 are avalible here: )

- James


[2001-03-11 17:49:57] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I'm working against a IIS web server with PHP 4.0.4
It seems that both ftp_up and fopen causes the same
problem, not allowing you to upload files.
On the attempt to open sourcefile/submited file 
I get following errors;

with ftp_up:
Warning: error opening G:\mysite\mysite\gfx\icon_editor_url.gif in ftp.php on line 19

with fopen:
Warning: fopen("G:\mysite\mysite\gfx\icon_editor_list.gif","rb") - No such file or 
directory in uploadfile.php on line 7

hence under linux, I have tested the fopen with php4.0.b3
and it seems to work. Question me for samplecode if needed.



Full Bug description available at:

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