I am having a problem when trying to "view source" via my IE browser.
When I try I get the following error:

"Cannot open the
php_submit.php C:\WINDOWS\Temporary Internet
Files\Content.IE5\8DMZ02HJ\www.yahoo(1) file.
Make sure a disk is in the drive you specified."

**  Above I just tried viewing source on Yahoo's home page as an example.

Now, interestingly, the "php_submit.php" file was one of the first PHP files
I created when I first started
playing around with PHP on my PC.  For every time I try to "view source",
this file is mentioned as above.
The second file (ie. 'www.yahoo(1)' ) is different for every page I try to
view source on.

I have checked with Microsoft's technet and found no help and tried all that
was suggested.  I am now
thinking that maybe my PHP installation may have caused this.

I do not recall this error happening JUST AFTER I installed.  I think I
could for awhile and then all of
a sudden I could not.

I am posting this question in a few other PHP newsgroups as I am unsure
where this would fall under:

Thanks to anyone who can assist.

  John M.

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