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> Hello Zeev,
> On 12-May-01 14:14:10, you wrote:
> >At 04:05 12/5/2001, Wez Furlong wrote:
> >>I know that there might be some bad interactions with apache if you fork,
> >>but if you allow PHP to spot that it forked and call _exit() instead of
> >>returning into the SAPI, you should be OK?
> >Not really, the parent has to somehow call wait() on the child, otherwise 
> >you'd get zombie processes...
> >Generally, implementing that sort of stuff within the Apache framework is a 
> >bit of asking for trouble :I
> Anyway, PHP really lacks of real multi-threading capabilities.  Things like
> database connection pooling, (non-HTTP) server request handling, and GUI
> event processing could be properly implemented in PHP with multi-threading
> capabilities like the way it is done in Java, Perl, Python, etc. but can't
> be done right in PHP because it lacks multi-threading support.
> Any plans to add multi-threading capabilities to PHP?

There are no plans for adding MT to PHP itself, but you do have "a
poor man's cooperative multi-threading" through ticks.  So now we have
a poor man's objects and a poor man's multitasking.  What does that
say about us? :-)

 - Stig

  Stig Sæther Bakken <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  Fast Search & Transfer ASA, Trondheim, Norway

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