At 07:05 PM 5/21/2001 +0200, Sebastian Bergmann wrote:
>Andi Gutmans wrote:
> > Well it sounds like a bug in domxml to me.
>   Damn. The first time I need this extension it turns out that it's
>broken :-/
> > Maybe yesterday's patch unveiled this bug because there is no reason
> > I can think of (unless I'm missing something) that yesterday's patch
> > should effect domxml.
> > It should work with whatever resource type id it received.
>   Uwe?

By the way, I think we should release 4.0.6 pretty soon.
There are only two issues left unless you guys can think of something else:
a) the SAP extension. I want to nuke it from the CVS repository completely 
and have Uwe return it when he has time to continue the work.
b) Has DOM XML been reverted to the 4.0.5 version? Apparently it's pretty 

Any other things? Can we go with an RC2 by Wednesday?


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