At 01:42 PM 5/21/2001 -0500, Andrei Zmievski wrote:
>On Mon, 21 May 2001, Andi Gutmans wrote:
> > Do you know what to revert to? Apparently it didn't work in 4.0.5 either.
>Huh? Revision 1.29 says "complete rewrite of domxml module", and 1.28 is
>where 4.0.5 was branched so that's what you'd revert back to.

Well as I don't use domxml nor did I know where the bugs were introduced I 
couldn't know where it broke. I didn't know it broke in the "complete 
rewrite of domxml module" version. I thought it broke much more recently.
With Colin saying that the latest CVS works for him like 4.0.5 I'm not 
quite sure where that leaves us.


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