ID: 11009
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Closed
Bug Type: Reproducible crash
Operating system: RedHat 6.2
PHP Version: 4.0.5
Description: Recursive call causes crash

yeah, but a while($length--) was super slow (10-20 times slower)...actually timed-out 
on the simplest runs. 

maybe a for() is faster?!

Previous Comments:

[2001-05-21 22:53:16] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This is more of a programing error.  This is a poor way to use recursive calls.  A 
loop is the correct way to handle this.


[2001-05-21 22:06:27] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I created a function called pad which performs exactly what str_repeat does (didn't 
realize str_repeat was there originally).

function pad($length,$padVar="-"){
 else{return pad($length-1,$padVar).$padVar;}

When passing a length > about 5000 the page will not load and I quickly get this error 
in the php.error log: 
[notice] child pid 15040 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

I assume it is b/c the function stack is just not up to the task, but I thought I 
would let you know anyway. 
Of course I am using str_repeat now....



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