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Updated by: derick
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Status: Closed
Bug Type: Other web server
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PHP Version: 4.0.3pl1
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Closing because of no feedback

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[2001-04-29 05:32:52] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Does this work with latest CVS snapshot from ?



[2000-10-21 17:48:05] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
With Roxen webserver version 2.1.143 / Pike v7.0 release 232 installed in /usr/local
** downloaded binary version, not source.

When running the following command line to configure prior to compiling:

./configure --with-roxen=/usr/local/roxen/server --with-roxen-zts

You will get an error as follows:

  checking for Roxen/Pike support... configure: error: Failed to figure out Pike 
module and include directories

I think the configure shell script can be changed to be more general.  In my case I 
was able to resolve by changing the following line in the configure script.

PIKE_MODULE_DIR="`$PIKE --show-paths 2>&1| grep lib/modules | sed -e 's/.*: //'`"


PIKE_MODULE_DIR="`$PIKE --show-paths 2>&1| grep -e lib/modules -e lib/pike/modules | 
sed -e 's/.*: //'`"

i.e. add '-e lib/pike/modules' to patterns searched in grep since this seems to be how 
(some?) roxen pre-compiled binaries installs these.

I will be happy to help regression test this.



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