I have the following code in two files:

First file:

<FORM NAME=formul METHOD=POST ACTION='deleteFunction.php'>
<TABLE NAME = fileTable border=5 cellspacing=3 cellpadding=3>
<TR><TD colspan=0></TD><TH></TH><TH>FILE NAME</TH></TR>
<?require ("commonftp.php");
echo "<br>";
$connId = ftpConnect();
$dir = ftp_pwd ($connId);
$list=ftp_nlist($connId, "$dir");
$number = count($list);
for ($i = 0; $i < $number; $i++) {
$destinationFile = getFileName ($list[$i]);
echo "<TR><TD colspan=0></TD><TH>";?>
<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=fileList VALUE='<?$destinationFile?>'>
<? printf ("</TH><TH>%s</TH>", $destinationFile);
/* echo $list[$i] . "<br>"; */
ftpDisconnect ($connId);
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=func>
<p></p><INPUT TYPE=button NAME='delete' VALUE='DELETE'
onClick='func.value=1; submit();'>
<INPUT TYPE=button NAME='delete' VALUE='BACK' onClick='func.value=2;

Second file:

require ("commonftp.php");
switch ($func) {
  case 1:  $fileName = $HTTP_POST_VARS[$fileList];
echo $fileName;
$connId = ftpConnect();
case 2: header ("Location: initSeminary.php");

but in $HTTP_POST_VARS i donīt get the values of the check boxes
Here is the error.

Warning: Undefined variable: fileList in
e:\root\webapps\root\projektbueh\proyecto\deletefunction.php on line 18

Warning: Undefined index: in
e:\root\webapps\root\projektbueh\proyecto\deletefunction.php on line 18

Can someone help me, please?

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