I patched and commited the source. You just wanted to add CS_PUBLIC, right? 
You should specify it next time so that I don't have to do a diff in my head :)
Also, what does CS_PUBLIC mean? Does it translate to __declspec(dllexport)? 
If so maybe we should be removing the static?


At 02:34 PM 5/22/2001 -0600, Steve Meyers wrote:
>The sybase_ct extension does not work on Windows.  The following two simple
>changes are necessary for it to eliminate the segfault.  Would it be
>possible to put these changes into the 4.0.6 branch?  Thanks!
>In ext/sybase_ct/php_sybase_ct.c, around line 200, change these two lines:
>static CS_RETCODE CS_PUBLIC _client_message_handler(CS_CONTEXT *context,
>CS_CONNECTION *connection, CS_CLIENTMSG *errmsg)
>static CS_RETCODE CS_PUBLIC _server_message_handler(CS_CONTEXT *context,
>CS_CONNECTION *connection, CS_SERVERMSG *srvmsg)
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