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Old-Status: Closed
Status: Bogus
Bug Type: HTTP related
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PHP Version: 4.0.5
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Your server and your local machine likely have different system times.

Ask your question on the general mailing list and I will give you an answer.

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[2001-05-23 08:27:23] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Perhaps because the clock on that server you are uploading to is off, or maybe your 
clock is off.  And you are right, this is not a PHP bug.  Fix you clock or encode the 
server's timestamp in the cookie and check that when it gets the cookie back to 
determine if it should still be valid.


[2001-05-23 08:22:29] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I am rather sure this isn't a php bug.  So lets not get unfriendly about it.  But i 
have asked over and over in other places with out an answer.  at least point me in the 
right direction.  please

I have set up a user login so that it will assign a cookie for one hour -
setcookie("cookie_id", $id, time()+3600);

The manner in which i suse the expiration is copied form the manual but i have 
actually tried several alteratives.  The problem is the expiration works perfectly 
locally (i am running apache 1.3 for windows)  but once i upload it (linux red hat 5.2 
(why so old i dont know)/ apache 1.3.19.)  The expiration will not work on my 
browser(s) unless i increase the expiration to +5000 or above.  My client tests it 
using the same version of IE i have and it will not set the cookie still at +5000 for 

Now i understand from browser to browser there can be differences but why can i set a 
cookie for +200 locally but not for less than +5000 uploaded when i am most certainly 
checking it with the same browser (IE 5.5)


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