I can confirm this behavior on Windows 2000 and php 4.0.5

PHP should not scan every POST for files and save them locally.
Perhaps, there could be a function which could extract the file
segments from the POSTed data on request? For backward
compatibility, PHP could offer a flag in php.ini.

I think the POSTed data is parsed at the startup, how about
if that behavior could be controlled when the encoding
type is multipart/form-data? (again, using a flag in php.ini)

maybe a php_multipart_post (), which will cause stdin
to be read (for CGI) and variables to be created as on startup?


At 09:47 AM 5/23/2001 +0000, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>Operating system: Win98
>PHP version:      4.0.4pl1
>PHP Bug Type:     Apache related
>Bug description:  file upload (size > 1MB) takes too much time
>The same problem discribed in #10800:
>I'm using a simple upload-form to submit name, version and file to 
>php-script. When filesize of the "to be uploaded" file is < 4MB the upload 
>tooks place in a few seconds! Greater files do exist in temp-directory a 
>few seconds after submit-button in browser is hit BUT nevertheless more 
>and more MB are submitted to the apache (which slowing down the system) 
>and the PHP-file neither comes to an end nor produces a timeout...
>Thanks in advance for any hinds - with kind regards

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