From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: linux debian 2.2
PHP version:      4.0.5
PHP Bug Type:     DOM XML related
Bug description:  dumpmem() does not ident, or even make new lines when called

When you are making a new xmldoc using domxml functions like $node->new_child() and 
such, then you try to dumpmem, you get an horrible XML doc. No idents, no breaklines, 
and you cannot see what is nested!

I know this is not a bug, but this feature is extremely important.
XML should be readable for an human being. But the document appears in a single line!

dumpmem does not change original XML (if any). I mean, if you do not start the XML 
from the scratch, the original XML reamis idented, and with breaklines and so, as it 
should be.
thanks a lot for the good work!

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