ID: 11069
Updated by: derick
Status: Open
Bug Type: Apache related
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0.5
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No offense, but Win 98 is not really a stable server environment. I'd recommend a unix 
flavor, or at least Win2K for this job.

What software was you using before this upgrade?


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[2001-05-23 18:32:33] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
i run a web based game with a development server that gets around 100k hits a day.

after upgrading to apache 1.3.19 and php 4.0.5 and mysql 3.23.38 the server suddenly 
stops working and returns "internal server error" after a few hours, and apaches 
error.log reads "can't spawn child process"

i am using php as CGI now.  i used to use the module, but when i use the module now, 
the server works fine for about 10 minutes and then stops working completely (doesn't 
even return 500 internal server error)

these are the only 3 programs that are running and this didn't happen before i 
upgraded all the software.

i am using persistant connections on the db which i believe may be linked to the 


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