> > then maybe close the related bug 10136...

or better reopen both, since this is a problem.

> >
> > although it would be better if win32 smtp code is made more consistent
> > compatible with the unix sendmail one
> Making Cc and cc both work is a one-line fix. (Patch attached, but as I
> can not test this, I didn't commit). But while looking at the
> code, I see nothing about Bcc. Strange, or I'm i missing something?

sure but not. you do not check for cC and CC :) the best way is to use case
insesitive strstr (this shall not be so hard to code)

there is one more prob - looking for \r\n exact match. in case of \n
terminated input, this call returns NULL and logic goes to alloc deadly too
much ram.

about bcc - yes it is missing, but as far as i remember i have seen it
eighter in an older version of this code, or in another related code. it
must be processed exactly like cc.


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