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Status: Closed
Bug Type: ODBC related
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PHP Version: 4.0.4pl1
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no feedback from user.  

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[2001-05-04 15:08:21] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This is true.  To follow the standard more closely we have removed some files and 
standardized the iODBC Driver Manager SDK.  

The current SDK is contained here:

I did not find that the compile fails however.  One reason is probably because using 
--with-openlink is no longer the recommended option.  

Using --with-iodbc should work in all cases.


[2001-04-16 22:34:28] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
can we get one of the OpenLink people to comment on this please?  


[2001-03-16 19:48:56] [EMAIL PROTECTED]


[2001-03-07 11:54:12] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Many thanks, that did it.  4.0.5 Dev built with:

./configure --with-mysql=/export/db/mysql 
--with-apache=/export/home/temp/apache_1.3.14 --with-pgsql=/export/home/app/pgsql 
--with-openlink --with-dom=/usr/local --with-zlib-dir=/usr/local --with-gd=/usr/local 
--with-xpm-dir=/usr/local --with-t1lib=/usr/local --with-tiff-dir=/usr/local 
--with-png-dir=/usr/local --with-jpeg-dir=/usr/local --with-pdflib=/usr/local 
--with-ttf=/usr/local --enable-debug --enable-magic-quotes --enable-libgcc 
--enable-calendar --enable-ftp --enable-gd-imgstrttf --enable-gd-native-ttf 
--enable-trans-sid --enable-shmop --enable-track-vars

Note that v.4 of the Openlink dirver manager no longer uses (or includes with the 
distribution) the file iodbc.h.  This file has been replaced with sqltypes.h (located 
in <openlink_install_dir>/odbcsdk/include).  The file php_odbc.h includes iodbc.h at 
or about line 128, so the build fails.  The solution is to remove the reference to 
iodbc.h.  The file sqltypes.h is included within sql.h, which is included within 
isql.h, which is included at line 129 of php_odbc.h.  Placing iodbc.h (from a previous 
installation, say) into the include directory breaks the build with type definition 


[2001-03-06 06:21:34] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Please try the latest CVS snapshot from



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