> What do you mean by ripping it out? What would we use instead? Hand crafted
> Makefiles?
> I think it general automake is doing pretty well no?

    Automake is slow, bloated, inflexible and generally bad for
    large projects.  That is an insight which led to the redesign
    of the PHP 4.0 build system a year or two ago.  The list of
    projects which have discovered that is growing (Mozilla, PHP,
    Apache 2.0, and now even Subversion[1]).

    We still use automake for building Zend/TSRM.  That is the
    artifact I want to eliminate.  The current integration of
    libtool could be much cleaner, if I had complete control over
    what gets executed.

    [1] Greg Stein was advocating giving automake a try in
    Apache 2.0.  He obviously reconsidered that position:
    http://www.advogato.org/person/gstein/ (look for build system)

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