ID: 7915
Updated by: jmoore
Old-Status: Duplicate
Status: Closed
Bug Type: IIS related
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0.0
Assigned To: 

Known bug.. lots of reports with more information, closing this one.

Previous Comments:

[2000-11-22 06:59:51] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
duplicate of #6869


[2000-11-21 20:20:02] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
i installed php4 for iis and the php scritp which echos "hi"  ...
works but then my asp pages doesnt come at all..iis keeps hanging and any page with 
asp extension doesnt come up..though if i remove refrences to php from iis management 
console ..and restart the service asp pages start coming up..but then php pages 
wouldnt work...any solutions???? will be of great help


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