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PHP Version: 4.0.0
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i believe this has been implemented now... check on a 
4.0.6RC and see if it's there for you

Previous Comments:

[2000-08-26 23:07:28] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
there is a php4.0.0 japanese patch available... that you can use to patch the source 
and it will allow you to use Japanese encoding (supposedly SJIS...) but sjis doesnt 
work... only EUC encoding works... and there is a korean php script... that will allow 
you to use korean text ...

but these are all separate things that you have to do a million things to support...

is it possible... in a future release... you can get things like ImageTTFText to 
support Chinese, Japanese, and Korean text? i use php and mysql... and i want to use 
it to display the results (if in chinese or japanese) as an image... so everyone can 
see it...

i dont think this is very hard to implement at all... the resources for the japanese 
and korean are available... and there are plently of places to look for information 
about cjk specs...

php 4.0.0 JP patch --

korean php script --

cjk specs --

thanks for any help


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