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Old-Status: Open
Status: Closed
Bug Type: Arrays related
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PHP Version: 3.0.14
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Upgrade to PHP 4 where this is supported.

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[2001-06-17 07:35:24] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I would like to use two dimensional array's in my html forms, so $array["id1"]["id2"] 
becomes available in my script.

A 1 dimensional array with named entries works fine : include <INPUT type=text 
name=array[id1]> in your html form and you get it's value in $array["id"] when form is 

Next I tried putting <INPUT type=text name=array[id1][id2]> in the form. Now you don't 
get the value in $array["id1"]["id2"] but instead the POSTed value is put in 
$array["id1][id2"] - the array stays 1 dimensional witk key "id1][id2".

Maybe I am trying to abuse something here which might not even be efficient to do, but 
for my app this feature would simplify things a little.


Jaco Rietveld


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