ID: 11408
Updated by: sniper
Reported By: lolo@phpheaven
Old-Status: Open
Status: Bogus
Bug Type: Scripting Engine problem
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0 Latest CVS (2001-06-11)
Assigned To: 

Open a new bug report with correct email address.
And before doing that, I suggest you ask this first
on some php users mailing list..

Previous Comments:

[2001-06-11 17:41:47] lolo@phpheaven
BTW, I've made a mistake in my e-mail: it is [EMAIL PROTECTED]



[2001-06-11 17:36:09] lolo@phpheaven
I've just found the whole html generated code for the right frame.... in the the 
Apache error.log!

Really strange!


[2001-06-11 17:05:14] lolo@phpheaven
Hi All!

I'm currently using php4.07-dev (latest build from loaded as an Apache 
1.3.20 module for win.
My php.ini is the optimized one (no extension loaded).

I just use a simple frameset:
  <!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 3.2//en">

  <frameset cols="50%,*">
    <frame src="frame1.php" name="1">
    <frame src="frame2.php" name="2">

with both frame1.php and frame2.php containing only:

Then only the right frame is displayed!

Have a nice day/night,


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