From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: Windows 95; SCO Openserver 5.0.5
PHP version:      4.0.4pl1
PHP Bug Type:     Oracle related
Bug description:  Cannot return a NULL as out parameter of a stored procedure

Returning a NULL value as an OUT parameter of a stored procedure (oracle 7.3.4 both 
client & server) I get the following error from a call to ora_exec: 

ORA-01405: fetched column value is NULL -- 
while processing OCI function OEXEC/OEXN 

I've checked the parameter is correctly bound to a php global variable. 

I tried defining the same parameter both as OUT and IN_OUT, to no avail. 

I also tried calling the same exact procedure using oci_ functions instead of ora_, 
and everything works! (Unfortunately my web server is sitting on a sco box, so I'm 
doomed to use oracle 7.3.4 in production...) 

Looking at the description of the error in oracle manuals, I think this could be a pbl 
in the use of pro*C (well, whatever the php oracle extension is written with), but I 
might be wrong

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