ID: 11517
Updated by: sniper
Old-Status: Feedback
Status: Closed
Old-Bug Type: Reproducible crash
Bug Type: GetImageSize related
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0.5
Assigned To: 

I tested with your image and this is fixed in latest CVS
and in PHP 4.0.6RC3:

(if above link doesn't work, try with RC4)

Previous Comments:

[2001-06-17 05:18:35] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
There were some fixes for this please try latest snapshot or CVS.

- James


[2001-06-16 23:25:30] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Wouldn't exactly call this a crash but it keeps me from doing what i'm trying to do 
and it doesnt return any information.

I have a digital camera called Canon Powershot S10 and I use a Windows program called 
Cam4you to extract the pictures.

I noticed when I'm using the GetImageSize function on these images i wasnt getting any 
results. Using a syntax like this... $fleah = GetImageSize("myimage.jpg");

I tried adding... or die("oh, oh.. something is wrong"); at the end and it always 

This might be caused by some strange header in my jpeg files but I'm not sure. 

Since i wasnt able to upload any files with this bug report I'll just include an url 
for the picture.

This is a huge cocacola can here in Iceland :)

Please keep me informed...


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