Colin wrote
> > I know the lists are just back online, so I shouldn't be making feature
> > requests ... but it would be nice if the bug reports had their own
> > list instead of being sent to the dev list.
> >
> > I can see why you might not want this (dev people work on bugs), but I'm
> > sure some people would like to be a part of the dev list without having
> > sift through 300+ bug reports a day.
> >
> > Just a thought.

Rasmus replied:
> It's just catching up on the backlog.  It will be back to more sane
> traffic soon.  And I really would prefer to see the bug reports pass in
> front of as many eyes as possible.

Just use a simple filter in your mail client. Mine is set so that if a
message subject contains:

    [PHP-DEV] Bug #
    - or -
    [PHP-DEV] Re: Bug #

I shunt it to another mailbox. This makes it much easier to follow threads
on the dev list and still pay attention to (or ignore, depending on
workload) the bug messages.


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