ID: 8676
Updated by: thies
Status: Assigned
Bug Type: *Session related
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0.5
Assigned To: sas

fixed in CVS

Previous Comments:

[2001-06-14 23:35:25] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
There are a lot of duplicate reports on this one.


[2001-05-23 10:35:15] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Yes, the bug is still in 4.0.5. I put it back online on
You can see it in action provided your browser accepts cookies (go there and click 


[2001-05-22 21:29:45] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Could you please give some feedback if this problem persists with a recent version 
(CVS, snapshot, 4.0.5 release) of PHP? Thanks!


[2001-01-12 11:15:12] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Some complex objects won't be correctly stored into the session. This is probably a 
problem with serialize/unserialize. It happens with objects structure containing some 
references. The code below builds the simpliest structure I could find that pinpouts 
the problem.
With more complex structure, you can have all sorts of strange behaviour, including 
crashing PHP, but the behaviours vary from one PHP installation to another (even with 
the same version and compile flags).

View this script with a browser and press reload
It will probably display "-->137645276" instead of "-->Object" 
You can view it at
if (!isset($form))
  $form = new stdClass();
  $submit = new stdClass();

  $upperif = new stdClass();
  $upperif->Child = &$submit;
  $upperif->Layout = new stdClass();
  $upperif->Layout->Child = new stdClass();
  $upperif->Layout->Child->Interface = &$submit;

  $lowerif = new stdClass();

  $form->Children[0] = &$upperif;
  $form->Children[1] = &$lowerif;
  $form->Layout = new stdClass();
  $form->Layout->Children[1] = new stdClass();
  $form->Layout->Children[1]->Interface = &$lowerif;
  echo "-->".$form->Layout->Children[1]->Interface."<BR>";
  echo "-->".$form->Layout->Children[1]->Interface."<BR>";


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