Hi guys,

I would like to create a command line option that would do the following:

assume -q
ignore error_prepend_string and error_append_string
set html_errors off
turn off output buffering if it is set in ini file.
<anything else?>

I use those ini settings in the apache module but don't need them in the
binary running cron jobs.  Having two ini files is a pain.  If I could get
just one command line option that would do all of that it would rock.

I would be willing to do the work, although, last time I tried to submit a
change (a bug fix) I was told I do not have karma.  Did something change
with the premissions or was that just part of the temporary server setup?

I have tried playing with zend_alter_ini_entry() but it seems to have a
queer reaction to passing "" as the value.  It does not set the value of the
setting to "".  Instead it continues to use what is in the INI file.  There
does not appear to be a simple function to unregister a ini setting.  I need
to have an ini_entry struct and a module number to do that.  Any pointers on


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