Brian Tanner wrote:
> //When browser turnoff cookie support, the PHP will add session id at end of
> all local URL links
> Can someone put me up to date on exactly *HOW* PHP knows if cookies are
> enabled?  Is there a practical way to check for that?  I have my own session
> handling implemented... and I do both "sid" passing as well as cookies...
> but I'd love to know how to detect....

on the very start of a session it will send a cookie 

if transparent url rewrites (trans-sid) are enabled it will also
add the session id parameter to all urls and as a hidden field to

transparent rewrites are disabled when the session id hat already
been received as a cookie as cookies obviously work with the browser

if no cookie is received up to now session handling will resend the
cookie on each and every request, even if the session id had already
been received as a GET or POST parameter, indicating that cookies
are not available

but i will commit a patch to the session extension that will make
it send a cookie only once per session (amongst other improvements)

Hartmut Holzgraefe  [EMAIL PROTECTED]  +49-711-99091-77

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