From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: Solaris 2.7
PHP version:      4.0.4pl1
PHP Bug Type:     ODBC related
Bug description:  Error in the migration PHP3 to PHP4 with OpenLink-ODBC drive

When I migrated from PHP3 to PHP4 this script didn't work any more.
I don't have connection problems and the error appears just in some cases. 
The following is an ad-hoc script that reproduce the odbc error. 

// PHP Version 4.0.4pl1
// OS: Solaris 2.7
// Driver: ODBC-Openlink multi-tier 3.2
// this connection works fine.

  $conn_id = 

  echo "my connection $conn_id<BR>";

  $qry = "SELECT P.* FROM REAL_CAT_PADRE P WHERE IDIOMA = '" . $idioma . "' "
                        . "AND P.ID_PADRE IN (SELECT H.ID_HIJO FROM REAL_CAT_HIJO H 
                        . " H.ID_PADRE = '" . $cat . "') ";

  // this query works.

  // this query doesn't work IN PHP4 but works fine in PHP3 with the same 
ODBC-OPENLINK drive(??).
  $qry = "SELECT idvalor,Valor,Tipo_rango FROM Fot_atributo_valor WHERE idcanal=41 AND 
idaplic=1 AND idatrib=2 ORDER BY idvalor";

  $res_id = odbc_prepare($conn_id,$qry);

  // the error occur in this code line (IN PHP4).
  $result = odbc_execute($res_id);

Thanks in advance.


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