ID: 7187
Updated by: danbeck
Old-Status: Open
Status: Closed
Bug Type: Documentation problem
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0.3
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I'm closing this and re-opening a more detailed bug report.  This is only indirectly 
related to open_basedir now.

Previous Comments:

[2000-10-16 08:19:46] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Reclassified as documentation problem. 

On page:

The directives should be somehow grouped better
to see e.g. which ones can be changed with php_value
and which are only changeable with php_admin_value.



[2000-10-16 08:04:18] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Fixed in php4.03pl1.

i should use 
php_admin_value open_basedir '.'
instead of
php_value open_basedir '.'

Please make it clear in manual.


[2000-10-15 17:09:32] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Should be fixed in php4.03pl1.



[2000-10-13 12:27:37] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
open_basedir string
Limit the files that can be opened by PHP to the specified directory-tree. 

When a script tries to open a file with, for example, fopen or gzopen, the location of 
the file is checked. When the file is outside the specified directory-tree, PHP will 
refuse to open it. All symbolic links are resolved, so it's not possible to avoid this 
restriction with a symlink. 

The special value . indicates that the directory in which the script is stored will be 
used as base-directory

I don't need full path - i want to restrict users from accessing files in upperlevel 

as Mr. Zeev Suraski said:
It's not related to open_basedir, there's a problem in the php_value system in 4.0.3.  


[2000-10-13 12:20:35] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
You should be using full path with the open_basedir directive as far as I know. Can 
you please try and let us know of the results?


The remainder of the comments for this report are too long.  To view the rest of the 
comments, please view the bug report online.

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