ID: 10030
Updated by: kalowsky
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Status: Closed
Bug Type: ODBC related
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0.3pl1
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no user feedback.

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[2001-06-01 12:10:18] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
try updating your php.ini value defaultlrl to handle the full size and see if that 
works for you.

next check to see if this still exists in latest versions of PHP, thanks!


[2001-03-27 14:27:16] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
We have an informix database, with the informix odbc driver(7.x) compiled with 
apache.3.1.14ssl, php 4.03.pl1. 
Our configure commands included the informix via "  --with-custom-odbc=/opt/informix  
". We do not use any of the informix ifx functions, but the php odbc functions. The 
code in question is as follows:
  $crs = odbc_pconnect($host,$dblogonname,$dbpassword);
  $i = odbc_exec($crs,"set role " . $dbrole);
  $sqltxt = "select mt_id,mt_name,mt_faxattachments,mt_emlattachments, mt_text,mt_bcc, 
mt_faxcoverpage,mt_subject from  mail_templates where mt_id = " . $id;
  //echo("sql " . $sqlTxt . "sql");
  $rsm = odbc_exec($crs,$sqltxt);
  $rsma = odbc_fetch_row($rsm);
  $mtid = odbc_result($rsm,1);     //int
  $mtname = odbc_result($rsm,2);  // string 20
  $mtfaxattachments = odbc_result($rsm,3); // string 255
  $mtemlattachments = odbc_result($rsm,4);  // string 255
  $mttext = odbc_result($rsm,5); // text (blob)
  $mtbcc = odbc_result($rsm,6); // string 255
  $mtfaxcoverpage = odbc_result($rsm,7);   // char 8
  $mtsubject = odbc_result($rsm,8);  // char 80
  //echo("sql " . $mttext . "sql");
Through a data base editor, the mt_text field actually had approximately 4100 
characters, but the echo command  just above only displayed the first 3989 chars. Our 
c++ programmer can access the full field in his programs.


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