ID: 11608
Updated by: sniper
Old-Status: Open
Status: Bogus
Bug Type: *General Issues
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0.5
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You're not giving enough information either to start
fixing anything. So I'm bogusing this 'bug report'.
The reason the reports are closed/bogused is really only
this. We try to keep the amount of reports to minimum, so 
that the real bugs are easier to be found and fixed.
Every report without enough information will be bogused
unless there is some useful feedback to them.

Next time, send this kind of reports to [EMAIL PROTECTED] as this is a BUG db, not 


<my opinion>
I suggest you get yourself a Opensource OS and use OpenSource Web server to get best 
results out of Opensource
scripting language. Otherwise, use MickeySoft products.

As long as Microsoft doesn't give enough information about
their APIs and keep adding all kinds of odd things to their
software, I don't think any Opensource software will ever
be as 'reliable' as Microsoft's own software they 
are the only ones who CAN write reliable software for their
not-so-reliable OS and web servers.

Disclaimer: The opinions above are my personal opinions. 
</my opinion>

Previous Comments:

[2001-06-21 12:28:36] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
ISAPI access-violation bug reports get 'closed' but never fixed!! Moreover, there's 
never or rarely a bug number mentioned to cross reference to a master entry so that 
users can see what's going on with this.

I took a look for 'ISAPI', then did a CTRL-F for 'access violoation', and all but the 
recent ones are all fixed even though many of them are VERY reproducable! Yet when I 
open them, they're always written off as 'not enough information' or duplicate and 

Unforntunatly, this is having the effect of reinforcing Microsofts arguments against 
open source reliability. I'd hate to see this (PHP) start to fail because CGI or the 
apache_mod are the only viable operating solutions for heavy load sites..... People 
where I work are already mandating migrating everything to Java for just these reasons 


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