IIRC the mssql dll should build without the server. I don't 
know if it'll actually work.

At 11:12 6/22/2001, Phil Driscoll wrote the following:
>On Thursday 21 June 2001 19:26, Liz wrote:
>> I couldnt compile under win32, the 4.0.5 I had compiled fine, but this
>> moans at everything, it wont find lib files, its barfing about byson.. 
>> Anyone got a windows php.exe, php4ts.dll, with sql 7, and com support??
>4.0.6 built without problems on my system. I can send you a cgi version 
>without SQL7 support if you like, or if it is possible to build the SQL7 dll 
>without having SQL AND someone tells me how to do it, I will make that as 
>Phil Driscoll
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