Brian Moon ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Isn't this what mod_rewrite is for?

mod_rewrite works only in a static sense.  You set up your rules, and
fire up your Apache.  If your rules change (as they certainly will in
the case of 10,000 florists), you have to rewrite the rules file and
restart apache.


It also doesn't address the issue of the various files which will be
there. Path_info will work with one file, in the case of articles.

But if each (in this case) florist has a series of files in their
templates (product detail pages, personal accounts, ordering pages,
etc) you're out of luck.

The example is real; I was the lead developer for for
most of last year.

The point I'm making is that I would like to improve the Apache SAPI
code for PHP to support more of the Apache server's features, like the
request rewriting step, tear-up/tear-down, and even precompiling code
when the server forks so that it doesn't need to be recomputed on every

Are there other people interested in this that would like to get a
hacking crew together?

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