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Old-Status: Open
Status: Assigned
Bug Type: Mail related
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0.5
Assigned To: hholzgra

windwos mail code needs a rewrite

Previous Comments:

[2001-06-22 10:21:44] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I am running PHP as CGI on IIS 5.0 with service pack 2.  

This report verifies that bug #11349 is a definate problem.
/win32/sendmail.c has the following code (starting at line 253):

/* Send mail to all Cc rcpt's */
if (headers && (pos1 = strstr(headers, "Cc:"))) {
        pos2 = strstr(pos1, "rn");
        tempMailTo = estrndup(pos1, pos2-pos1);

        token = strtok(tempMailTo, ",");
        while(token != NULL)
                sprintf(Buffer, "RCPT TO:<%s>rn", token);
                if ((res = Post(Buffer)) != SUCCESS)
                        return (res);
                if ((res = Ack()) != SUCCESS)
                        return (res);
                token = strtok(NULL, ",");

The above code can only grab an email address that looks like this: 


When I place it in this format I receive a "Warning:  Server Error" message from the 
mail() function.

sendmail.c cannot find a proper RFC 822 mail header like:

Cc: Jack Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

When I place this in the mail headers nothing happens.

Also, there is no code at all that even looks for a Bcc address in the sendmail.c 
code.  This is a massive problem.

In order for the mail() function to be /usr/sbin/sendmail compliant it must be able to 
find and parse Cc: and Bcc: in each of the above formats. It must also remove the 
Bcc's from the header so that recieving mail clients cannot see them, just as sendmail 



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