On 24 Jun 2001 19:09:24 +0300, Stanislav Malyshev wrote:
> Wehn using Sablotron extension, I see the following leaks:
> /home/frodo/php4/ext/sablot/sablot.c(1397) :  Freeing 0x083AF0FC (12
> bytes), script=test_xsl.php
> Last leak repeated 899 times
> /home/frodo/php4/ext/sablot/sablot.c(555) :  Freeing 0x083F11F4 (77
> bytes), script=test_xsl.php
> Last leak repeated 48 times
> Anybody know where to fix them? Repeat count looks pretty nasty...
> -- 

I'd need to see your test script to give you an answer, that repeat
count does look nasty (with an FYI that I'm no longer maintaining
Sablot, as all my development efforts are now focused on the XSLT


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