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> Yes, agree, but this change has happend not much time ago, and I think
> it's one's responsibility to maintain the behavior what it used to
> be. Even more if the old syntax was generating standard compliant code
> (and HTML4 is a standard).

This syntax is perfectly html 4.01 (transistional) compliant.
(Try requesting this link through validator.w3.org:
http://defiant.jdimedia.nl:7480/php-hacking/php11611.php (only works
during night hours in GMT)

> Still, we must evolve, so a syntax like
> nl2br(string text [boolean html4]) would give the most up to date
> behaviour of this function, giving somebody an option to get the old
> behaviour when it's really neccessary.

It is never neccesary, unless Microsoft (or any other) wrote a browser
that is not adhering to the standards.

> And ... you don't know a browser where <br /> dowsn't work? But there
> might be one ... one's own specific implementation where creator haven't
> thought up possibility that "<br>" might be "<br />" one day. Since it is
> not neccessary for HTML to recognize "/" in the end of single tag then we
> can't really blame him.

Browsers should ignore things which they don't recognise:
(from http://www.w3.org/TR/1999/REC-html401-19991224/html40.txt, paragraph

   Note. As of the 24 December version of HTML 4.01, the HTML Working
   Group commits to the following policy:
     * Any changes to future HTML 4 DTDs will not invalidate documents
       that conform to the DTDs of the present specification. The HTML
       Working Group reserves the right to correct known bugs.
     * Software conforming to the DTDs of the present specification may
       ignore features of future HTML 4 DTDs that it does not recognize.

This was also the case with earlier versions of HTML.


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