I was not willing to tell so soon, but since I am going to make a
presentation of this at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention:  XTech 2001:
Cutting Edge XML, and the Early Bird price deadline is about to end for
those that may want to attend, I am announcing a special application that I
have been developing completely written in PHP.

For the last 2 years I have been developing a XML based Meta-Language
compiler named MetaL.  It would take a long message to describe what it can
do and what are its advantages.

To summarize, basically it lets you use XML as source code of completely
redefinable programming language.  The compiler that I developed in PHP is
a modular application that translates XML commands into code of traditional
programming languages like PHP, but may be in anything else.

This is not a replacement for traditional languages, but rather a powerful
development tool for general improvement of software development methods.

Many PHP users already know something about this because I announced in the
PHP Classes site newsletter, but for those that are not yet aware, the
abstract for the presentation at O'Reilly Open Source Convention is here:


The HTML presentation slides are here:




A 2-up printable version of the slides is here:


The description of my talk on MetaL at the convention is here:


The Early bird price for those that would like to attend to the whole
connvetion may be $400 off if you register before July 2.

If you are a member of O'Reilly user group you can have an additional 20%

The PHP Classes site subscribers are effectively members of an O'Reilly
user group.  If you are a subscriber of the PHP Classes site, just mail me
so I let you know how to get the user group discount.  If you are not a
subscriber, you may subscribe here:


Manuel Lemos

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