From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: Windows 2000
PHP version:      4.0.6
PHP Bug Type:     *Web Server problem
Bug description:  UNC paths not working when used in include_path

Using a UNC path in as the home directory under IIS 5.0
and Windows 2000 Server using the PHP ISAPI module
does not seem to work.  If I set the Network Directory
to "\\nas\web\customer" I get the following error from

Warning: Failed opening '\\nas\web\customer\index.php'
for inclusion

If I map a drive then there is not a problem opening
the file but drives are not mapped until a user logs
in so this cannot be used on the web server.

Also, in the php.ini file, if I use

include_dir = "\\nas\inetpub\phpinclude"
include_dir = "\\\\nas\\inetpub\\phpinclude"

both give the error that the included files cannot be
found.  If I use

include_dir = "//nas/inetpub/phpinclude"

then there is no problem.

Also, if I run the php.exe program with a UNC path it
does not work, but if I map a drive then all is well.

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