From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: WinNT 4.0
PHP version:      4.0.6
PHP Bug Type:     Scripting Engine problem
Bug description:  "Text" in web form interpreted as \"Text\" i.e. \\\"Text\\\"

Quoted text in Query String e.g "T", passed to form handler as %22T%22, is treated by 
the action script as
\"T\" (5 characters) as if the output of 
echo  \\\"T\\\";
this is different from

Repeated SUBMITS (form below) show the problem increasing

<FORM ACTION="<?php echo $PHP_SELF; ?>" METHOD="get">
<TEXTAREA NAME="c" > <?php echo $c; ?></TEXTAREA><BR>

Results the same for Apache 3.14 and Xitami2.5b4 servers with both self-reference and 
external scripts

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