At 11:17 PM 6/25/2001 +0200, Jani Taskinen wrote:
>On Mon, 25 Jun 2001, Wilfredo Sanchez wrote:
> >
> >On Monday, June 25, 2001, at 06:58 AM, Jani Taskinen wrote:
> >
> >> This happens because of your patch. What is the use of -S anyway? :)
> >> Could you please check this out?
> >
> >   -S sets the value of an apache configuration variable used by apxs.
> >It may have been added after 1.3.6, which would explain why it craps out
> >in this case.  If 1.3.6 is important, we may have to back out that part
> >of the patch, but then installing into a package root won't work any
> >more.
>I forgot to Cc: this to the mailing list. Anyway, IMO we shouldn't
>bother supporting that old versions of Apache. It's already in version
>1.3.20 and there have been a lot security patches since 1.3.6, IIRC.
>So there should be more reasons to update than not to.
>But I'd like to hear other opinions too before doing anything about this.

I think lots of people don't upgrade their web servers for ages as they 
don't really notice it. They are more likely to upgrade PHP.
What does "installing a package root" mean?


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