ID: 11665
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Closed
Bug Type: *Install and Config
Operating system: RedHat 6.2 and 7.1
PHP Version: 4.0.6
Description: failure to configure --with-imap-ssl

No, configure fails no matter what explicit or implicit value used for 

Since that option test the c-client.a library, I don't see how pointing it at the 
openssl directory could help.

Running configure with just the option (no =DIRectory) used to work as well, but 
doesn't now (for me).

Previous Comments:

[2001-06-26 06:47:57] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
There was minor bug in PHP 4.0.6 but it is possible
to workaround using --with-openssl as you are doing.

But you are using wrong value for --with-imap-ssl
as it should be the same as for --with-openssl



[2001-06-25 10:31:24] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
my config.nice is:

#! /bin/sh
# Created by configure


This will fail at the --with-imap-ssl check, with the note that the c-client.a library 
does not support ssl.  I get the same error with the current release (4.0.6) and with 
4.0.7-cvs.  It did *not* happen with an earlier 4.0.6-dev version from a few weeks 
back (my build date: 4/27/2001), which was built with the same c-client.a file that is 
now being rejected.

What's more, the current release and cvs builds (4.0.6 and 4.0.7-cvs), without ssl, 
will perform a correct logon to an imap server, but then drop the connection without 
logging out, causing error messages in mail.log and mail clients to fail.  (I get the 
infamous "Command stream end of file,..." message in mail.log).

I'm currently using the earlier build with (from test.php):

     Horde: 1.3.5-cvs 
     IMP: 2.3.7-cvs 
     PHP Version: 4.0.6-dev (build date 4/27/01)
     UWash c-client 2000c and/or 2001
     OpenSSL 0.9.6 and/or 6a


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