In the past few months we've been working on designing what we see as the 
next generation of the Zend Engine.  We wrote a design draft that lays out 
the main changes and enhancement of the new version.

Some of the features will look familiar, as they were often requested on 
the php-dev mailing list and other PHP forums; Others come to resolve 
problems which were often raised.  We have gathered what we think are the 
most important features which will not only lead to a great improvement in 
the Zend Engine but that will also retain the language spirit of today's 
scripting language.

Another important decision was not to overpopulate this document so that 
these goals can be achieved in a relatively short period of time (a few 
months). You can find the document at (not a 
very impressive site right now, but hey, it's a start :)

At this point, what we'd like is to get feedback and comments from the rest 
of you so that we can refine and finalize the current draft and incorporate 
the necessary changes into the PDF.  In addition, there are still a couple 
of open issues in the document itself that need to be discussed and resolved.
We opened a mailing list for discussing the Zend Engine 2.0. You can 
subscribe by mailing [EMAIL PROTECTED] You're quite welcome 
to join in!

Finally, we'd like to thank Andrei Zmievski for providing helpful feedback 
and comments on the initial design document - thanks!

Andi & Zeev 

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